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updated: 01/19/11 

Drawings of gentians from 
Flora of Venezuelan Guayana
(Gentianaceae by Struwe et al. 1997; 
published by Missouri Botanic Garden)
Curtia conferta flower


The Flora of Venezuelan Guayana covers the states of Amazonas, Bolívar, and Delta Amacuro in Venezuela, and the parts of the country that belongs to the geologic formations of the Guayana Shield. This includes the lowland savannas and rainforest of the basins of Rio Negro and Rio Orinoco, as well as Pantepui, the sheer-walled table-top mountains called tepuis. This area contains a unique flora and many endemic gentians.


All drawings here are posted as a courtesy by Missouri Botanic Garden, which has the copyright to these illustrations.  If you want to use any of these drawings for any purpose, please contact the MBG Press at Missouri Botanic Garden directly. Click on the link to each drawing to see each image (these are high-resolution tif-files, 600 dpi,  and might load slowly).  Taxon names are linked to information pages about each genus/species. The drawings by Bobbi Angell listed below, where first published in Harvard Papers in Botany, in an article by Struwe & Albert (1998).


Species Link to high-resolution drawing from FVG Artist
Adenolisianthus arborescens (images) habit Bruno Manara
Celiantha bella (images) habit Bruno Manara
Celiantha chimanthensis habit Bruno Manara
Celiantha imthurniana habit Bruno Manara
Chelonanthus albus (images) habit Bruno Manara
Chelonanthus angustifolius habit, leaves Bruno Manara
Chorisepalum carnosum (images) habit Bruno Manara
Chorisepalum psychotrioides habit Bruno Manara
Chorisepalum rotundifolium habit Bruno Manara
Chorisepalum sipapoanum habit, keeled sepal x-sect Bruno Manara
Coutoubea minor (images) habit, flower Bruno Manara
Coutoubea ramosa habit Bruno Manara
Coutoubea spicata habit, flower Bruno Manara
Curtia conferta (images) habit, flower Bruno Manara
Curtia obtusifolia habit Bruno Manara
Curtia tenuifolia  habit, flower Bruno Manara
Enicostema verticillatum (images) habit, flower Bruno Manara
Irlbachia cardonae (images) habit Bruno Manara
Irlbachia nemorosa habit Bruno Manara
Irlbachia plantagifolia habit Bruno Manara
Irlbachia pratensis habit Bruno Manara
Irlbachia pumila habit, flower Bruno Manara
Irlbachia tatei habit, flowers, leaves Bruno Manara
Macrocarpaea marahuacae (images) habit, leaf with hairs, fruits, fruit, open flower, stamen1, stamen2 Bobbi Angell
Macrocarpaea neblinae habit, fruits Bruno Manara
Macrocarpaea rugosa leaves, fruits Bruno Manara
Neblinantha neblinae  habit, flower Bruno Manara
Neurotheca loeselioides (images) habit, flower Bruno Manara
Potalia elegans (images) habit, stem with ocreas, opened corolla, anther, gynoecium, fruits, fruit, fruit in l-sect, seed Bobbi Angell
Potalia maguireorum (images) habit, stem, flowers, flower, open flower, anther, fruits, fruit, fruit in l-sect, seed Bobbi Angell
Potalia resinifera (images) habit, flower, open flower, pistil, anther, fruit, fruit in l-sect, fruit in x-sect, seed1, seed2  Bobbi Angell
Rogersonanthus arboreus habit Bruno Manara
Rogersonanthus coccineus (images) habit, stem with leaves, leaf, flowering branch, flower, opened flower, stamen1, stamen2, style, fruit Bobbi Angell
Rogersonanthus quelchii habit Bruno Manara
Saccifolium bandeirae (images) habit, leaf in l-sect, leaf underneath, leaf overside, flower, opened flower Bruno Manara
Schultesia benthamiana habit Bruno Manara
Schultesia brachyphylla habit Bruno Manara
Sipapoantha ostrina (images) habit, flowering branch Bruno Manara
Symbolanthus aureus (images) habit, open flower, anther1, anther2, corona, pistil, fruit, seed1, seed2 Bobbi Angell
Symbolanthus elisabethae habit Bruno Manara
Symbolanthus rosmarinifolius habit, sepals Bobbi Angell
Tachia schomburgkiana habit Bruno Manara
Tapeinostemon breweri habit Bruno Manara
Tapeinostemon longiflorus habit Bruno Manara
Tapeinostemon spenneroides habit Bruno Manara
Tetrapollinia caerulescens (images) habit Bruno Manara
Voyria acuminata habit Bruno Manara
Voyria aphylla habit Bruno Manara
Voyria aurantiaca habit Bruno Manara
Voyria caerulescens habit Bruno Manara
Voyria flavescens habit, pistil Bruno Manara
Voyria pittieri habit Bruno Manara
Voyria spruceana habit, anther Bruno Manara
Voyria tenella habit, coralloid root, pistil Bruno Manara
Voyriella parviflora (images) habit1, habit2, flower Bruno Manara
Wurdackanthus argyreus stem with leaves, flowering branch Bruno Manara


References and publications: 

Struwe, L. & V. A. Albert. 1998b. Six new species of Gentianaceae from the Guayana Shield. Harvard Pap. Bot. 3: 181-197.

Struwe, L., P. J. M. Maas, O. Pihlar, & V. A. Albert. 1999. Gentianaceae. Pp. 474-542. In: P. E. Berry, K. Yatskievych, & B. K. Holst, editors. Flora of the Venezuelan Guayana, vol. 5. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis.

© Lena Struwe, 2004

All photos and drawings are copyrighted by the photographer, artist, or publisher - if you want to use them for any purpose you need to get permission for each image. Contact the source directly. Gentian Research Network does not give out permission for use of photos posted on this site.


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