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This page is maintained 
by Dr. Lena Struwe 
(e-mail), and hosted by
Rutgers University


updated: 01/19/11 

How to contribute to 
Gentian Research Network


Adding your name to the list of researchers:

Send your name, address, phone, fax, e-mail, home page, and research interests to Lena Struwe.


Adding pages to this web site:

Download the page template, write up your text in Word, Frontpage, or a similar program and e-mail it to Lena Struwe.

Template page for GENERA. (example)

Template page for SPECIES. (example)


Listing your pages on this web site:

Send the links to Lena Struwe. Please indicate where the links should be placed on this web site and a short description of your web pages.


Adding photos or other images to this web site (example):

The current format for photos are (example):

* jpg format, high resolution
* 200 pixels per inch

* no more than 2 inches wide or tall

* text on photos in Arial 5-6 pt, indicating species and copyright holder (any color OK)

* Small 'thumbnails' are 200 pixels/inch, and 0.5 inch max width and height.

For black and white line drawings, please send in:

* a high-resolution scanned image, 600 dpi, as a TIF file (keep file size under 1 Mb, ca 400 KB or lower is best)

* plus a lower resolution gif file for faster downloading. 200 dpi, image size max 2 inches wide or high, GIF file.

When you send in images, add additional information you want to be posted in the e-mail or separate file, such as collection country and locality, voucher, year it was taken, where it was published earlier, and notes about the species (good field characteristics, pollination). If you are not listed on the contact page for photographers, please include your affiliation and e-mail address, so users of this site can contact you. Send files to Lena Struwe.


File names:

Web pages: anything obvious.

Genus and species images: Four letters for genus_ four letters for species_ photographer.

        Example: Symb_macr_LStruwe.jpg = Symbolanthus macranthus photographed 
         by Lena Struwe.


Adding references to the Literature list or Links:

Please e-mail any missing publications to Lena Struwe. It would be helpful if you follow the general reference format on this web site:

Journal article example: Fernald, M. L. & C. A. Weatherby. 1932. Bartonia: a comedy of errors. Rhodora 23: 284-300.

Book example: Brown, R. 1810. Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae et Insulae van-Diemen, vol. 1. R. Taylor, London.

Book chapter example: Gilg, E. 1895. Gentianaceae. Pp. 50-180. In: A. Engler & K. Prantl, editors. Die natürlichen Pflanzenfamilien, vol. 4(2). Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig.

Please include details such as all authors, complete title, editors (if any), page numbers for articles and book chapters, publisher and publication place (city). Only generic and species names should be italicized. Abbreviate journals according to BPH, and do not abbreviate book titles. See the literature list for further examples.

Language can be indicated at the end in parenthesis.


Copyright note:

All text and images on this site are protected by copyright laws.

All writing and editing of this web site is done by gentian scientists volunteering their time and knowledge. We welcome all non-commercial use of our information for education and research purposes, but please cite us as the source.  However, before using any images in any reports, presentations, or any other commercial or non-commercial purposes, please contact the photographers to get permission to use their images.

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