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updated: 01/19/11 

Common names of gentians
- arranged by Latin name

Link to Common names arranged alphabetically by common name

The convoluted history of the name Lisianthus


Please be aware that the same common name can be used for several different species.  A Latin name is unique to a species.


Genus Species Common name Language (country)
Anthocleista grandiflora Cabbage Tree English
Anthocleista grandiflora Forest fever tree English (S. Afr.)
Anthocleista nobilis Cabbage Tree English
Anthocleista procera Bédomodio Poular (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Béhidé modio Poular (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Beďdho moďdhio Poular (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Beďdho moďdhio Poular (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Beďdho moďlo Poular (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Demba iri Soussou
Anthocleista procera Demba niouma Malinké (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Dissa ouri Soussou (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Foréta débé Malinké (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Foréta lafira Malinké (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Khobodi guensa Soussou (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Kogan Malinké (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Kongan Malinké (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Louloula Guerzé (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Tchalé boundalé Kissi (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista procera Tchalé boundalin Kissi (Guinea [Afr.])
Anthocleista sp. Cabbage Tree English
Anthocleista sp. Fever Tree English
Anthocleista sp. Murderer's Mat English
Bartonia paniculata Screwstem English (US)
Bartonia paniculata Screw-stem English (US)
Bartonia paniculata Slim bartonia English (US)
Bartonia paniculata Twining Screwstem English (US)
Bartonia texana Texas Screwstem English (US)
Bartonia verna White Bartonia English (US)
Bartonia verna White Screwstem English (US)
Bartonia virginica Yellow Screwstem English (US)
Bartonia sp. Screwstem English (US)
Centaurium beyrichii Mountain pink English (US)
Centaurium beyrichii Quinineweed English (US)
Centaurium beyrichii Rock centaury English (US)
Centaurium calycosum Arizona Centaury English (US)
Centaurium calycosum Buckley Centaury English (US)
Centaurium calycosum Rosita Spanish (US)
Centaurium davyi Davy's Centaury English (US)
Centaurium erythraea Common centaury English (US)
Centaurium erythraea European Centaury English (US)
Centaurium erythraea Feverwort English
Centaurium erythraea Forking centaury English (US)
Centaurium erythraea var. capitatum huvudarun Swedish
Centaurium erythraea var. erythraea flockarun Swedish
Centaurium exaltatum Desert Centaury English (US)
Centaurium exaltatum Desert Centaury English (US)
Centaurium littorale Seaside Centaury English (US)
Centaurium littorale var. glomeratum topparun Swedish
Centaurium littorale var. littorale kustarun Swedish
Centaurium muehlenbergii Monterey Centaury English (US)
Centaurium muehlenbergii Muhlenberg's Centaury English (US)
Centaurium muhlenbergii June Centaury English (US)
Centaurium namophilum Spring-Loving Centaury English (US)
Centaurium nudicaule Santa Catalina Mountain Centaury English (US)
Centaurium pulchellum Branched Centaury English (US)
Centaurium pulchellum Branching centaury English (US)
Centaurium pulchellum Lesser Centaury English (UK)
Centaurium pulchellum dvärgarun Swedish
Centaurium quitense Britton's Centaury English (US)
Centaurium sebaeoides `Awiwi Hawaiian
Centaurium sebaeoides Lava-Slope Centaury English (US)
Centaurium spicatum Spike Centaury English (US)
Centaurium spicatum Spiked Centaury English (US)
Centaurium texense Lady Bird's Centaury English (US)
Centaurium texense Texas Centaury English (US)
Centaurium trichanthum Alkali Centaury English (US)
Centaurium umbellatum Bitter Clover English
Centaurium umbellatum Bitterbloom English
Centaurium umbellatum Christ's Ladder English
Centaurium umbellatum Feverwort English
Centaurium umbellatum Wild Succory English
Centaurium venustum canchalagua  
Centaurium venustum Charming Centaury English (US)
Centaurium sp. arun Swedish
Centaurium sp. rantasapet Finnish
Centaurium sp. Centaury English
Cicendia filiformis hedgentiana Swedish
Cicendia quadrangularis Oregon Timwort English (US)
Cicendia sp. Timwort English (US)
Cicendia quadrangularis Common Microcalis English (US)
Comastoma tenella Dane's Dwarf-Gentian English (US)
Comastoma tenella lappgentiana Swedish
Enicostema verticillatum Whitehead English (US)
Enicostema sp. Whitehead English (US)
Eustoma exaltatum Catchfly Prairie-Gentian English (US)
Eustoma exaltatum Tall prairie gentian English (US)
Eustoma russelianum Prairie Gentian English (US)
Eustoma russelianum Texas Bluebell English (US)
Eustoma russelianum Tulip Gentian English (US)
Eustoma russellianum Bluebells English (US)
Eustoma russellianum lira de san pedro Spanish (US)
Eustoma russellianum lisianthus English (US)
Eustoma russellianum Showy Prairie-Gentian English (US)
Eustoma sp. Prairie-Gentian English (US)
Fagraea berteroana Pua Keni-keni Hawaiian
Fagraea fragrans Common Tembusu  
Fagraea fragrans Kingwood English
Fagraea fragrans Semesu  
Fagraea fragrans Tembusu  
Fagraea fragrans Temensu  
Fagraea fragrans Temesu  
Fagraea fragrans Temusu  
Frasera albicaulis White-Stem Elkweed English (US)
Frasera albicaulis White-Stem Green-gentian English (US)
Frasera albomarginata Desert Elkweed English (US)
Frasera albomarginata White-margined Green-gentian English (US)
Frasera caroliniensis American Columbo English (US)
Frasera caroliniensis Columbo English (US)
Frasera coloradensis Colorado Elkweed English (US)
Frasera fastigiata Clustered Elkweed English (US)
Frasera fastigiata Clustered Green-gentian English (US)
Frasera gypsicola Sunnyside Elkweed English (US)
Frasera montana White Elkweed English (US)
Frasera neglecta Pine Green-gentian English (US)
Frasera neglecta Pine-Green Elkweed English (US)
Frasera paniculata Tufted Elkweed English (US)
Frasera parryi Coahuila Elkweed English (US)
Frasera parryi Parry's Green-gentian English (US)
Frasera puberulenta Inyo Elkweed English (US)
Frasera puberulenta Inyo Green-gentian English (US)
Frasera speciosa Deerears English (US)
Frasera speciosa Giant Frasera English (US)
Frasera speciosa Green Gentian English (US)
Frasera speciosa Monument-Plant English (US)
Frasera tubulosa Kern Elkweed English (US)
Frasera tubulosa Kern Green-gentian English (US)
Frasera sp. Elkweed English (US)
Gentiana acaulis Trumpet Gentian English (US)
Gentiana affinis Biglow Gentian English (US)
Gentiana affinis Pleated Gentian English (US)
Gentiana affinis var. parvidentata Small-toothed Pleated gentian English (US)
Gentiana alba Yellow Gentian English (US)
Gentiana algida Arctic Gentian English (US)
Gentiana algida White Gentian English (US)
Gentiana algida Whitish Gentian English (US)
Gentiana andrewsi bottle gentian English (US)
Gentiana andrewsi closed gentian English (US)
Gentiana andrewsii Closed Bottle Gentian English (US)
Gentiana andrewsii Prairie bottle gentian English (US)
Gentiana andrewsii Prairie closed gentian English (US)
Gentiana austromontana Appalachian Gentian English (US)
Gentiana austromontana Blue-Ridge gentian English (US)
Gentiana autumnalis One-flowered gentian English (US)
Gentiana autumnalis Pine-Barren Gentian English (US)
Gentiana calycosa bog gentian English (US)
Gentiana calycosa explorer's gentian English (US)
Gentiana calycosa mountain gentian English (US)
Gentiana calycosa Rainier Pleated Gentian English (US)
Gentiana catesbaei Coastal plain gentian English (US)
Gentiana catesbaei Elliott's Gentian English (US)
Gentiana clausa Bottle Gentian English (US)
Gentiana clausa Meadow bottle gentian English (US)
Gentiana clausa Meadow closed gentian English (US)
Gentiana clusii Trumpet Gentian English (US)
Gentiana cruciata Cross Gentian English (US)
Gentiana decora Appalachian gentian English (US)
Gentiana decora Showy Gentian English (US)
Gentiana douglasiana Swamp Gentian English (US)
Gentiana flavida pale gentian English (US)
Gentiana fremontii Moss Gentian English (US)
Gentiana glauca Pale Gentian English (US)
Gentiana heterosepala autumn gentian English (US)
Gentiana linearis Narrow-Leaf Gentian English (US)
Gentiana lutea Bitterroot English
Gentiana lutea Bitterwort English
Gentiana lutea Centiyane  
Gentiana lutea Felwoort  
Gentiana lutea gall weed English
Gentiana lutea Genciana Spanish
Gentiana lutea Genciana amarilla Spanish
Gentiana lutea Gentiane jaune French
Gentiana lutea pale gentian English
Gentiana lutea stemless gentian English
Gentiana lutea Yellow Gentian English
Gentiana macrophylla Bigleaf Gentian English
Gentiana macrophylla Chin-chiu Chinese?
Gentiana macrophylla Qin Jiao Pin Ying (China)
Gentiana newberryi Alpine Gentian English (US)
Gentiana newberryi var. newberryi Newberry's Alpine Gentian English (US)
Gentiana newberryi var. tiogana Tioga gentian English (US)
Gentiana nivalis fjällgentiana Swedish
Gentiana nivalis Snow Gentian English (US)
Gentiana nutans Tundra Gentian English (US)
Gentiana parryi Parry's Gentian English (US)
Gentiana pennelliana Wiregrass Gentian English (US)
Gentiana platypetala Broad-Petal Gentian English (US)
Gentiana plurisetosa Bristly Gentian English (US)
Gentiana plurisetosa Klamath gentian English (US)
Gentiana pneumonanthe klockgentiana Swedish
Gentiana prostrata Pygmy Gentian English (US)
Gentiana puberulenta Downy Gentian English (US)
Gentiana puberulenta Prairie-gentian English (US)
Gentiana purpurea baggsöta Swedish
Gentiana rubricaulis Closed Gentian English (US)
Gentiana rubricaulis Great Lakes gentian English (US)
Gentiana saponaria Bottle gentian English (US)
Gentiana saponaria Harvestbells English (US)
Gentiana saponaria soapwort gentian English (US)
Gentiana saponaria swamp gentian English (US)
Gentiana scabra gentian root English (China)
Gentiana scabra Long Dan Cao Pin Ying (China)
Gentiana sceptrum King's-Scepter Gentian English (US)
Gentiana septemfida Crested Gentian English (US)
Gentiana setigera Mendocino Gentian English (US)
Gentiana verna Spring Gentian English (US)
Gentiana villosa Striped Gentian English (US)
Gentiana willosa Striped gentian English (US)
Gentiana sp. Bitter Root English
Gentiana sp. Bitter Wort English
Gentiana sp. Long Dan Cao Pin Ying (China)
Gentiana sp. rindo Japanese
Gentiana sp. Enzian German
Gentiana sp. Gentian English
Gentiana sp. Genziana Italian
Gentiana sp. Katkerot Finnish
Gentiana sp. gentiana Swedish
Gentianaceae gentianaväxter Swedish
Gentianaceae Katkerokasvit Finnish
Gentianaceae Gentian Family English
Gentianella amarella ängsgentiana Swedish
Gentianella amarella Autumn Dwarf-gentian English (US)
Gentianella amarella Felwort English (US)
Gentianella amarella Northern gentian English (US)
Gentianella aurea blekgentiana Swedish
Gentianella aurea Golden Dwarf-gentian English (US)
Gentianella campestris ssp. baltica kustgentiana Swedish
Gentianella campestris ssp. campestris fältgentiana Swedish
Gentianella detonsa strandgentiana Swedish
Gentianella microcalyx Chiricahua Dwarf-gentian English (US)
Gentianella propinqua Four-part Dwarf-gentian English (US)
Gentianella quinquefolia Agueweed English (US)
Gentianella quinquefolia ague-weed English (US)
Gentianella quinquefolia Stiff gentian English (US)
Gentianella tortuosa Utah Dwarf-gentian English (US)
Gentianella uliginosa sumpgentiana Swedish
Gentianella wislizeni Chiricahua Mountain Dwarf-gentian English (US)
Gentianella sp. Dwarf-gentian English (US)
Gentianella sp. Ketokatkerot Finnish
Gentianella sp. Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis barbellata Perennial Fringed-gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis crinita Fringed gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis crinita Greater Fringed Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis detonsa Windmill Fringed-gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis holopetala Sierra Fringed Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis holopetala Sierran Fringed-Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis macounii Macoun's Fringed-Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis macrantha Grand Fringed-Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis nesophila Island Fringed-Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis procera Lesser Fringed Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis simplex One-flower Fringed-Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis simplex One-flowered Fringed gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis simplex One-flowered Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis thermalis Feather Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis thermalis Fringed Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis thermalis Northern Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis thermalis Rocky Mountain Fringed-gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis thermalis Rocky Mountain Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis thermalis Western Fringed Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis victorinii Victorin's Fringed-Gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis sp. Fringed-gentian English (US)
Gentianopsis sp. Gentian English (US)
Halenia deflexa American Spurred-gentian English (US)
Halenia recurva Mt. Graham Spurred-gentian English (US)
Halenia sp. Spurred-gentian English (US)
Lisianthius laxiflorus Campanilla-amarilla Spanish (US)
Lomatogonium rotatum Marsh-Felwort English (US)
Lomatogonium rotatum stjärngentiana Swedish
Lomatogonium sp. Marsh-felwort English (US)
Macrocarpaea sp. Moon-gentian English
Obolaria virginica Penny-wort English (US)
Obolaria virginica Virginia Pennyleaf English (US)
Obolaria virginica Virginia Pennywort English (US)
Orphium frutescens Sea-rose English (S. Afr.)
Orphium frutescens Sticky flower English (S. Afr.)
Orphium frutescens Teringbos Afrikaans?
Sabatia angularis American Centaury English (US)
Sabatia angularis Bitter Clover English (US)
Sabatia angularis Bitterbloom English (US)
Sabatia angularis Centaury English (US)
Sabatia angularis Red Centaury English (US)
Sabatia angularis Rose Pink English (US)
Sabatia angularis Rose-pink Sabatia English (US)
Sabatia angularis Wild Succory English (US)
Sabatia campanulata Slender Marsh-pink English (US)
Sabatia campestris Prairie Centaury English (US)
Sabatia campestris Western Marsh-pink English (US)
Sabatia capitata Upland Sabatia English (US)
Sabatia difformis White Sabatia English (US)
Sabatia dodecandra Perennial Sea-pink English (US)
Sabatia kennedyana Plymouth Gentian English (US)
Sabatia sp. Marsh-pink English (US)
Sabatia sp. Sea-pink English (US)
Sabatia stellaris Annual Sea-pink English (US)
Sabatia stellaris Marsh-pink English (US)
Sabatia stellaris Sea-pink English (US)
Sabatia sp. Rose-gentian English (US)
Schultesia sp. Wingcup English (US)
Swertia bimaculata Chinese Chirata English
Swertia chirata Chirata English (India)
Swertia chirata Chirayta  
Swertia chirata Chiretta English
Swertia chirata Frasera English
Swertia chirata Green Gentian English
Swertia chirata Indian Balmony English
Swertia chirata Indian Gentian English
Swertia chirata Kirata-Tikta Sanskrit
Swertia perennis Star Gentian English (US)
Swertia perennis Star Green-gentian English (US)
Swertia sp. Green Gentian English (US)
Swertia sp. Hill Chirata English (India)
Swertia sp. Felwort English (US)
Swertia chirata Chirata U.S.P. Latin Medical
Symbolanthus sp. Ring-gentian English
Voyria sp. Ghostplant English (US)

sp. = any species in the genus


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