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Geographic places, companies, and
other things named after gentians


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Alpenexpress Enzian Germany, Rust rollercoaster
Alpenhotel Enzian Austria, Solden hotel
Anyang Enzian Yodel Club Germany club (singing)
Bar Genziane Italy, Dolomiti bar
Beijing Gentian Software Technology, Inc. China, Beijing company, software developer & telecommunication
Blauer Enzian Germany train
Blue Gentian Lake (in Cypress Provinicial Park) Canada, British Columbia lake
Blue Gentian Lodge USA, Vermont, Londonderry hotel, restaurant
Blue Gentian restaurant USA, Florida restaurant
Blue Gentian restaurant USA, New York, Saranac Lake restaurant  
Blue Gentian Road USA, Minnesota, Eagan road  
Cafe Gentiane Japan, Nagoya cafe  
Centaury Natural Health   company, herbal products
Coffee Shop Rindo Japan cafe
De Enzian   music album by the group Tornados
Enzian Austria steam locomotive built in 1893  
Enzian, missile developed during WWII in Germany (link, link3, link4) Germany missile  
Enzian-Apotheke Germany pharmacy
Enzian Bar Germany, Berlin bar
Enzian Falls USA, Leavenworth, Washington golf course
Enzian Film Society USA, Florida organization (movies)
Enzian Inn USA, Leavenworth, Washington hotel
Enzian Motorsportklub   club (motor sport)
Enzian Power   folk music group
Enzian-Reisen Germany travel company, bus tours
Enzian Schuhplattler Seattle, WA, USA folk dance group, Bavarian
Enzian-Schützen Zuchering Germany, Ingolstadt shooting and hunting club
Ex-Plant   software company

Gentiaan ICT Consulting BV

  company, software development  
Gentian USA, Michigan city  
Gentian USA, Georgia city  
Gentian Avenue USA, Rhode Island, Providence street  
Gentian Baptist Church USA, Georgia, Columbus church
Gentian Buzali   Albanian soccer player  
Gentian Boulevard (also the place for the Gentian Court apartment complex) USA, Georgia, Columbus street
Gentian Dervishi   Albanian soccer player  
Gentian Developments Ltd. United Kingdom, Bushey,
company, property developers  
Gentian Electronics Ltd. Canada, Ottawa company
Gentian Garden Club USA, Rhode Island gardening club
Gentian Hervetius, French theologian and controversialist (link) France theologist (1499-1584)  
Gentian Hill House Ireland, Galway, Salthill Bed & Breakfast  
Gentian IT Consultants Ltd. United Kingdom, Sandy,
company, computer consultants  
Gentian Lake USA, Indiana, Angola lake
Gentian Lake (in Frank Church–River of No Return Wilderness area) USA, Idaho, near Salmon lake
Gentian Mountaineering Club United Kingdom hiking club
Gentiane Music d'Auvergne France music, LP
Gentian Oaks USA, Georgia, Columbus apartment complex  
Gentian Pond (along Appalachian Trail) USA, NH lake  
Gentian Road United Kingdom, Oxford street  
gentian violet (same as crystal violet), not derived from gentians, used in medicine, histology and microbiology worldwide dye  
Gentiana, name of chairs designed by Italian Tito Agnoli   chairs  
Gentiane France folk music band, with Emmanuelle Parrenin, Phil Fromont, Bernhard Blanc, Jean Blanchard, and Denis Gasser (they only produced one LP, in 1976)  
Gentiane Software France, Seyssinet company, software developer
Grassl Enzian-brenneri Germany distillery
HMS Gentian United Kingdom ship
Hotel Enzian Austria, Landeck hotel
Hotel Enzian Austria, Salzburg hotel
Hotel Enzian Austria, Zauchensee hotel
Hotel Enzian Austria, Zürs Am Arlberg hotel
Hotel Enzian Austria, Obertauern hotel
Hotel Enzian Austria, Obergurgl hotel
Hotel Genziana Italy, Arabba hotel
Hotel Genziana Italy, St. Ulrich hotel
Le Gentiane Express France, Auvergne train
Max Gregers Gentian Band Germany? music band
Restaurant Rindo Japan    
Rindo Coffee Shop Japan?  
Schützengesellschaft Enzian  Hemhofen Germany, Hemhofen shooting range
See und Garten-Hotel Enzian Austria, Weissensee hotel  
Sondereinsatzkommando Enzian, Kantonspolizei Bern Switzerland police unit
Saint Gentian, patron saint of hoteliers and inn keepers in the Catholic church. He was beheaded in Saint Aux-Bois in year 287. (link1, link2, link3) France saint (in the Catholic church)  
Tembusu Homes Canada furnishings for homes, water gardens
USCGC Gentian, US Coast Guard Cutter United States: based in Miami Beach, Florida ship

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